Snow Social Reconstruction.


Snow Social LLC, the only shave ice shop in Miami Beach, is officially closed. 

I fulfilled my 1 year lease requirements and made an executive decision to not renew my lease. I gave it my all. The fear of failing did not hold me back from at least TRYING. At my absolute best and at Snow Social’s best, we still wouldn’t be good enough for the wrong location. I successfully held down my $8,000 worth of bills (business and personal) each month for a year! Yes, I said 8 thousand! What other 25 year old (that you know personally) could do it?


I am reconstructing the business and will temporarily be a mobile only company. During this time, I will continue to network, definitely take some classes on marketing, and keep my eyes peeled for THE RIGHT location and home for Snow Social to thrive.  I’m still very eager and excited to continue satisfying your shave ice cravings, through my mobile only business.


Many people have these entrepreneurial ideas (big and small) and they never act on it. They’re scared of the financial commitment and scared of failing and being embarrassed. 


I literally put it all out there and I’m smiling from ear to ear because I did it. 


Snow Social LLC 1st Year Accomplishments:

  • Actually made it through the crazy hurdles from City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, and State of Florida to OPEN my doors LEGALLY!

  • Made $4,000 in my first two weeks open

  • Featured in Miami Beach Times

  • Maintained a 4.9 Star Review Ratings on Google and Groupon 

  • Recognized as a top rated Veteran Owned Business by Google

  • Became an official Rap Snacks Distributor and the home for Rap Snacks celebrity interviews.

  • Hired by University of Miami Sylvester Cancer center for 7+ Cancer Awareness events

  • Sponsored a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

  • Raised over $19,000 in 17 days via Kickstarter

  • Hired by Boucher Brothers for an employee appreciation initiative 

  • Hired by Miami Beach Tennis Academy for a youth tournament

  • Invited and was a guest speaker for a High School after school entrepreneur program 

  • Provided job opportunities for 8+ local personnel

  • Reached over 2,500 followers on Instagram


Words from a good friend: “I don’t think you failed anyone. You wanted to open your own shop and you did. You met some amazing people during this adventure and had some wild encounters in the process. I think you pulled off what a lot of our peers only think and dream about doing. I’m not sure where you got those ‘failing’ thoughts from, but I think you succeeded in your mission. You’ve done what you wanted from day one. Now it’s on to the next thing.” - CH


I can’t lie and say that I am not upset. I am! However, I am also very happy. My family, friends, old classmates, and even strangers really SHOWED UP FOR ME and I really appreciate them. Thank you to everyone that donated when time was of the essence. Super Special Shoutout to all of my  


Platinum Level Kickstarter Sponsors:


-April Atkinson

-Myles Marshall

-Houston Family

-Rasheed and Azondria

-Tiky Swain

-Nena Elbey

-Cornelius Holness

-Ramone (Ra) Battle

-private donor

-private donor


One final word: I have zero regrets and I absolutely cannot wait for my next big move. I have already accomplished this much, so my next move will be even better. I am praying that you all will support me the same way you did for Snow Social. 


(I’ll be dropping a few jewels and some lessons learned soon.) 


All my love,


Akyah Atkinson, CEO & Founder

Snow Social LLC

Personal: 704-620-2646

South Florida, it's time!



229 9th St.

Miami Beach,

FL 33139


Tel: (786) 216-7396





12:00pm - 7:00pm